Terms of Service

Last updated November 22, 2023

1. Eligibility:

Criteria for Eligibility: Participation in the Affiliate Program is open to individuals and entities that meet the following criteria:

  • Are of legal age and capacity to enter into a binding contract.
  • Agree to comply with all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Application and Approval: Interested parties must submit a completed application. Acceptance into the program is at our discretion and may be based on criteria such as content quality, audience demographics, and alignment with our brand.

2. Commission Policies

  • Commission Structure: Affiliates will earn commissions based on sales generated through their unique affiliate links. The specific rate and structure of commissions will be communicated upon approval into the program and detailed in the specific area of the affiliate dashboard to which an affiliate has signed up to.
  • Flexibility to Change Policies: We reserve the right to alter commission rates, structures, or methods. Any changes will be communicated to affiliates with reasonable notice.

3. Payment Terms

  • Payment Frequency & threshold: Commissions will be paid out automatically once you reach the minimum payout threshold, which will be detailed within the affiliate dashboard.
  • Payment Methods: Payments will be made through PayPal

Taxes: All affiliates agree to be responsible for their own tax affairs. If you are unsure how commission payouts affect your tax paper status, we suggest you speak to a local accountant or tax specialist.

4. Brand & Logo Usage

  • Guidelines for Brand Use: Affiliates are permitted to use our brand, logo, and marketing materials as provided in the affiliate program toolkit. Such usage must adhere to our brand guidelines and not misrepresent or mislead regarding our products or services.
  • Restrictions: Modification or alteration of brand assets is not permitted. Affiliates must immediately comply with any requests to modify or remove brand materials from their channels or risk being removed from the program and withdrawal of any commissions due.

5. Program Conduct and Expulsion

Prohibited Activities: The following activities are grounds for immediate expulsion from the program:

  • Engaging in or supporting fraudulent activities.
  • Violating any laws or regulations in the course of promoting our products.
  • Misrepresenting our products or services.
  • Engaging in spamming, unsolicited communications, or harmful marketing practices.

Consequences of Expulsion: Upon expulsion, all unpaid commissions will be forfeited, and the affiliate will be barred from future participation in the program.